Patricia's Salon offers the Ultratress Hair Extension System. It short it uses a seamless method. It comes as weft tape with a special high tech adhesive that attaches to your hair. The advantages of this it is easy to install and lower in prices than many of your more traditional extension methods.

We offer many different types of Ultratress Hair Extensions great for wedding and prom hair in our top hair salon. The extensions last for up to 8 weeks and can be applied within a half and hour. This compares to traditional methods that take several hours. It comes in a good variety of colors.

We at Patricia's Salon carry a high amount of inventory, so there is a good chance no backorders need to be arranged like in many other salons.

Comes in either a one or a two piece package that can be used to add length and body. It can be applied high in the scalp to conceal certain damaged areas. You can work out and do all of your normal activities with these extensions.

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