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Our Salon is a top So Cap Hair Extensions Salon, offering all 3 SoCap Hair Extensions companies and all 4 of each companies product lines. The 3 SoCap Hair Extensions companies we offer are SoCap USA hair extensions, Euro SoCap hair extensions, and Original SoCap Hair Extensions. They each have a micro ring, cold fusion extension type, a tape hair extension type, a hot fusion method, all of which we offer in our top salon. Why do we offer all 3 SoCap Hair Extensions companies product lines? We are the premier hair extensions salon, in the world, and we believe in giving our customers choices. We also have many clients that request a certain type of SoCap hair extension type, so we like to be able to offer the client what they want.

We are the SoCap leaders in the New York, NJ, CT areas. We are located in Astoria, Queens, NY, in NYC, New York. We are close to Manhattan, LI, CT, NJ, Boston, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Staten Island. We are a go to salon, for the SoCap Hair extensions brand.

When you come to our New York salon, we will match up your hair texture, and your goals to the correct So Cap Extensions Type. They are all priced in a similar price range, so the key determinate is going to be what your goals area. So Cap is a middle of the line hair extensions type, and is good for value oriented clients, who are looking for a good hair extension type. So Cap hair extensions are attached by using fusion.

When it comes to SoCap Hair Extensions, Euro Socap, Original SoCap, or Socap USA, we are the best of the best. Come for a free consultation and we will help you find the ideal hair extension type.




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