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Same Day Consultations and Services are offered for all Our Hair Extensions and Hair Replacements Types. Yes Patricia's Hair Extensions Salon is the salon which invented "Same Day Consultations and Services" concept. We are the first and still one of the top salon offering it.

Other Salons might make FALSE claims to offer same day services, but when you get there they either make up excuses, do not do it, or do it only on a small hair line! Our Hair Salon actually does Same Day Consultations on all our Hair Lines! That means everything, such as hair extensions, fusion extensions, great lengths hair extensions, women's hair loss systems, full lace front wigs, and much more!

How do we offer Same day service? What is our secret? Simple! Patricia's Hair Extensions Salon has the Largest, Biggest Inventory of Hair on the Planet! In addition, to this we have huge staff of skilled salon artist, and we keep spare capacity open every day for same day services! We have a skillful and professional staff of 30+ people and growing by the day, half of which are hair extensions and hair replacement specialists!

There are a bunch of copycats, Do not be fooled by copycats and Quacks that do bait and switch operations just to get you in the salon. Do not be fooled by unlicensed operators that operate in a non salon setting! We are the World's Best Hair Extensions Salon, and have been operation for over 20 Years! We have thousands of real clients with real pictures on our website, most of which have done the same day consults and service! We do same day hair extensions and services on all our product lines!

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