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We are the leading female hair loss treatment and solutions salon, in the New York, NY area. We are located in Astoria, Queens, NYC, which is minutes away from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Long Island, Westchester, CT, NJ, etc. We offer multiple female hair loss solutions in our New York Salon, while other salons offer only one. Our hair quality is better for female hair loss treatments, than others, plus we charge usually half of what our pricier Manhattan, Long Island, and New Jersey friends charge.

One female hair loss system, that is very popular in our salon, is called Reprieve. Reprieve is a top of the line female hair loss system that integrated into your hair, and has a fantastic holding system, that is very unique. The best thing about the Reprieve hair System is that it is undetectable to the human eye. You will be the only one who knows that you are wearing one.

Patricia's Salon offers one of the latest Hair Replacement Systems called Reprieve and this system of Hair Replacement is glue less or non adhesive based. Reprieve uses top of the line 100% human hair, and comes in many sizes, colors, and lengths. We are a certified Reprieve Hair loss solution salon that is located in the New York, NY area. We offer free consultations to see if Reprieve or one of our many other female hair loss solutions is the right thing for you.

Most salons or hair loss centers, offer to slap a net on your head, and tie it down with dots to your hair. Not to mention names, but you can find many firms in NJ and Manhattan that do that. We at our top salon, feel that there is no one single solution, for all female hair loss issues. Female hair loss issues are unique, and you need to take into account the amount of hair, hair loss type, and goals, when making and recommending a hair loss solution for women. That is why we offer many solutions, and we analyze your hair to see what the best thing is for you. I have tons of clients that come to me, after they spent $6000 on other hair systems, and they complain of pain, and are very unhappy. I see that all of the time from our Manhattan and NJ competition. Don't be one of them; make sure you visit our salon today!

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