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The Best Clip On Hair Extensions?
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Patricia hair salon is the Best Clip In hair extensions salon that offers many removable clip hair extension types like custom, sew in, Jessica Simpson, premium, double sided clip on extensions. Come to Patricia's Salon we have over a half dozen removable clip in, clip on, hair extension brands and types. We are the top hair extensions salon in New York, and we carry many different types, of clip in, clip on, removable hair extensions. We are located in Astoria, Queens, NY, in New York, NYC. We are minutes from Manhattan, Long island, Westchester, NJ, CT, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, etc.

We have many Different types of clip in, clip on hair extensions. Some examples of various clip in hair extensions, are the following:

1) Double lined clip in hair extensions.

A unique type of clip in hair extensions, found in our salon. Has a double, flip side of hair, surrounding the clip in, makes hair very full and natural.

2) Custom Clip In Hair Extensions.

Our hand made clip in hair extensions. We match your hair type and texture, and create a custom, hand made clip in hair extension type that can be either clipped in or sewed in.

3) 360 Clip In Hair Extensions.

We have a 360 clip in hair extension, one solid piece that provides 360 degrees coverage. Gives you a full look, great for special events.

4) Balmain Clip In Hair Extensions

We carry the Balmain Clip In, Clip On Hair extensions Line. This line is a European favorite!

5) Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions.

We carry the Jessica Simpson Hair Extensions Human Hair Extensions line.

6) We carry the various Hair U Wear Lines.

We are a registered Hair U Wear provider in our salon.

7) Weft Clip In Hair Extensions.

We provide Weft Clip In Hair Extensions, in various hair wefts lines.

As you can see, we provide various clip in, clip on hair extensions lines. So if you want to know where they sell clip in, clip on extensions in New York, NY, NYC, you know the answer. It is Call us for a free consultation! Clip In, clip On hair extensions are great for events, such as prom hair extensions, wedding hair extensions, or girls night out.

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