Visiting From Out Of State ?

We at Patricia's Salon specialize in people from other states and countries. We offer same day service for both your consultation and hair extension.

How do we do it ? Other salons require deposits and 2 week in advance ordering. We have the largest inventory of hair extensions out of any salon. We carry multiple lengths and colors across all of our extension techniques. As you now, we offer over 70 Different Hair Extensions and Hair Replacement Types, so that is a lot of inventory required!

The way it works is you call for a free phone consultation. You then send me a picture of yourself to my e-mail address at

I make sure that I have the inventory of the items required for your hair extension. You book your day.

On that day, I give you an in person consultation, where we go over everything in person, you see and feel the hair for yourself. If you agree, then we do the hair extension right there. You will then be done, same day, and only have to pay me a visit that day, instead of the usual two days (Consultation and then visit)

For Hair Replacement, I do carry many standard size lace front wigs and hair units. If you want custom, you will need to make it here twice. Once for the consultation and order, and then for an application, 6 weeks later, after you Custom hair has been made and delivered.

For many unique sizes or techniques, a deposit is required for orders. I try to work with your schedule, and your needs. I realize people who live a few hours away or more cannot make two trips easily. For this purpose, I have set up my Out of State Program.

Once again, I am leading the hair industry with new applications, designs, custom styles, and making the customer first!

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