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Hair Extensions Methods - Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Do you have short hair, and want hair extensions to make short hair longer? Are you looking for a salon with the most hair extensions methods? Come to our New York, NYC salon located in Astoria, Queens, NY. We have over 70 different hair extensions methods. We specialize in hair extensions for short hair, and long hair extensions. I summarized our hair extensions methods, on our menu, below are some more hair extension methods, not listed in our salon listed, but that are performed in our salon. Patricia's hair extensions are famous and you'll get the celebrity treatment as you relax in the hair extensions salon in NYC, NY, New York, New York City, NJ, and New Jersey.

Malaysian Extension Method

We offer the Malaysian Hair method. In short, the Malaysian method uses a very flat hair based system that attaches to the hair with tiny rings to a hair track. The advantage of this system is the system is very flat to the scalp, and allows for frequent hair washings. This method is popular in our salon, since we added a few unique twists to this method, that is exclusive to our salon, and we be becoming its own button on the hair extension method menu shortly.

Ultra Strands

Ultrastrands is a fusion hair extensions method that uses the Ultrastrands brand of keratin, pre tipped hair extensions. Hair extensions are attached using the fusion hair extension method. This is one of our many, many different fusion hair extension types in our salon. Visit our salon to go over all over your hair fusion options, since we have so many different types.


NeoExtensions is a double loop based hair extension method. Hair uses a loop hair extension method that is strategically place throughout your head. The system is fast and easy, and is great for adding some body to your hair. Want fuller, thicker hair? This is a good method, it is fast, and the hair is reusable. This is also an affordable hair extension method.

HairUWear lines

We carry all of the HairUwear hair extension methods. If you are looking for something from HairuWear, we carry most of the line items, or we can order it from our salon. We carry the Raquel Welch, Jessica Simpson, Ken Paves, Gabor, etc lines in our salon. I don't consider this one of our methods, but I list it out for people who want to know.

Invisilines Hair Extensions

Invisilines Hair Extensions is another in house hair extension method that was developed at our salon. This hair extension method works with a wide strip, and the hair extensions are pulled through the wide strip. The hair extension is fat, affordable, and great for event hair extensions, like prom hair extensions, wedding hair extensions, or for special occasions. The hair is reusable, and great to make short hair long, or for long hair extensions.

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Other salons also try to pass off cheap hair extension methods, or other types of bad methods, at their salon. We only offer the best in human hair extensions. We do not offer any synthetic of fake hair extension types. All of our hair extension methods use the best in human, Remy hair. We specialize in long hair extensions, and hair extensions for short hair. If you want to make your short hair long, come to our salon.

I also know about 20 more hair extension methods. You see I tested about every hair extension method out there. Many methods I choose not to offer, because I do not like the method. For example Cinderella Extensions, Eurolocs, melted keratin methods, Brazilian weaves, are all methods I know. I choose not to offer them, because I don't like them. If I tested something, and I don't like or use it, I don't offer that method. There are enough good hair extensions methods out there to choose from, that I don't need to use things I don't like. We are the top hair extensions salon in the New York, NYC, NY, area, in Astoria, Queens, NY. We are close to Manhattan, LI, NJ, CT, Philadelphia, Boston, Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester, Staten Island, etc.

We have our own research lab, research facilities, and testers so we like to design and use many systems that were developed in house. We are always looking for the best in hair extension methods, the best ways to make short hair long, and to find the best in long hair extensions. We pride ourselves in being the best hair extension salon. We are so good, that other people always try to copy our techniques, and our website. Our lawyer keeps busy protecting our copyrights, trademarks and patents. We are the best in hair extensions, and will be the best for yours to come.

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