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We are one of the best Microchet Hair Extension Technique Salons in the World. We have been hand trained by the Microchet founder, in all four of the Microchet Hair Extension Types. We hold a Master Certificate in all of the Microchet Hair Extension Techniques. Our salon performs all 4 best Microchet extension types and loop based hair extension methods in NYC, NY, New York, NJ, CT area.

Microchet is a very good and unique hair extension technique. Microchet uses pre-lopped hair that is attached strategically throughout the hair. This looped is hair then attached with a small tread. The Microchet system is comprised of 4 systems, Microchet A-D. The hair loops range in size, and the most advanced uses the most tinniest of loops.

The Smallest Microchet system is ideal for the frontal hair areas, especially for women with Alopecia, hair loss, or thinning hair. We are trained in all of the most advanced Microchet hair extension types.

Most people learn Microchet through a video, and are not properly qualified. We were hand selected as an elite hair extensions salon, to perform all 4 Microchet Hair Extension Systems. We are located in Astoria, Queens, NY, in New York, NYC. We have clients from Manhattan, Long island, Westchester, NJ, CT, Philadelphia, Boston, Brooklyn, Bronx, etc.

We are the premier hair extensions salon in the world, and are the most highly trained hair extension artists, with the most advanced training for all of the hair techniques we offer. Come in for a free consultation, to go over your hair options.



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