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Are you looking for the best hair extensions in Long Island? A hair extensions salon near Long Island, LI? Are you tired of not finding the best hair extensions in Long Island, LI? Come visit our top of the line hair extensions salon, minutes from Long Island, LI. We are the premier hair extensions and hair replacement salon, and we are minutes from Long Island, LI, located in Astoria, Queens, NY. We offer 70 different hair extensions and female hair replacement types.

Our Best Hair Salon has thousands of clients that visit us from all over Long Island, NY. We do same day consults and service, so all of our clients from Long Island, LI, can get a free consult and a service right after. You will be right back home, completely done, anywhere in Long Island, all in one day. All other Long Island, LI, NY salons make you do a consult, order hair, and then come back days later. We don't, our same day service is so popular, we have clients from all over Long Island, Nassau, Suffolk, LI. We only deal with 100% Human Hair Extensions, the best available, and with 70 Different Hair Extensions Options, we have more options that all of our competitors combined! Located right of the GCP, exit 5, it is that close to all of LI, Long Island, NY!

Why settle for sloppy work? Why settle for salons that are not hair extension experts? We have fixed hundreds of clients hair that was done incorrectly at other hair salons based in Long Island, LI. Best thing to do is get it right the first time. Come to our top salon, which is minutes from all over LI. Live in Great Neck, Manhasset, Islip, North Shore, Bayville, Port Washington, Floral Park, etc? It is easy to get to our salon. Just take the Northern Parkway, to the Grand Central. Get off on Exit 5, go straight up, and make a left on Steinway St. It is that easy!

Patricia's Salon is minutes from Long Island, LI and we specialize in hair extensions, we are a hair extensions and female hair loss salon. We offer same day hair extensions after your consultation. We have huge amounts of inventory. Come to the leader that hundreds of Long Island, LI woman have come to depend on. Come to our top hair salon today!

Our hair is salon is close to all the major areas of Long Island, such as Port Washington, Great Neck, North Shore, South Shore, Islip, Manhasset, Floral Park, etc. It is well worth the drive, and they specialize in same day hair extensions, so you can get a consultation, and do the hair extension right away. No need to come back twice like all other amateur salons.

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