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Patricia's Famous Lace Front Wigs and Lace Wig Showroom, is a high end, Premium Lace Front Wig Salon, serving the NYC, New York area in Astoria, Queens, NY for over 15 years. We deal only in the Best Lace Front Wigs. That means we deal with Premium Lace Wigs. Our Lace Front Wigs are 100% Human, Real, top of the line, Remy Hair. Our Lace Wigs come in many textures, such as Yaki hair, Indian Hair, European Hair, Virgin Hair, Russian Hair, etc. No wonder we are a Celebrity lace front wig favorite hotspot destination. We are the destination for Lace Wigs in New York, NYC.

When looking for 100% Human Remy Lace Front Wigs, our hair salon is the best provider of lace wigs in the New York area. What makes our lace front wigs so good? We put many hours of work, into each lace wig. Each lace wig unit averages 60 hours of hand work. We have unique cap designs, and a very natural hair part, and hairlines. The lace when applied is invisible to the naked eye. You will be the only one that will know you are wearing a lace front wig.

Our density is unique, our lace wigs are very dense in design, with lots of hair. We do not cheap out with hair. Our hair quality is second to none. Each lace wig, full lace wig, lace frontal, or partial lace wig, has the best in hair quality. We us the same hair as we use in many of our hair extension types. That makes our wigs better than anyone else.

We have world class facilities. Our hair salon is second to none, with the best in private VIP rooms. Each room has its own TV, and Private sink, and Fendi Furniture. You could be sitting where some of your favorite celebrities have been sitting.

We have 10 Full Time Lace Wigs experts in our posh NYC, New York hair salon! No wonder everyone from Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester, Queens, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Bronx, New Jersey and Connecticut come visit us! We have performed over 1000 lace wig applications.

We have a private beautiful, lace front wigs showroom,, on a private level. Come in and have a free consultation, and see what lace front wig is right for you. Full Lace Front Wig, Partial Lace Wigs, Custom lace front wigs, the choice is yours! We do it all.

We have many lace wig types in our New York, NY location. What lace wig do you want? Can't decide? How about a Custom Lace Front Wig? We are custom lace wig pro's. Want black hair, blonde hair, highlights, virgin hair? The choice is yours. We have tons of choices. Be creative. We can help you decide what's the best custom, lace front wig is for you!

Our lace wigs have baby hair, we specialize in Baby Hair Lace Front Wigs. It makes the Lace front Wig look more natural. We specialize in African American Lace Wigs, African American Woman. Lace Front wigs are also good for medical hair loss, and are used in female hair replacement. Lace Wigs are used by many celebrities. Tyra Banks, Beyonce, Oprah, all use Full Lace wigs, or partial lace wigs with hair extensions in the back.

One thing other places can not do is offer the combination of Lace Wigs, with hair extensions. We are hair extension experts, and do many partial lace front wigs for the front, and hair extensions in the back. We call that our celebrity combination, and we do it often. Not one salon will do that better than us!

So do you live in New York, NY, NYC, and want the best in Lace Wigs, or Full Lace Wigs? Want a Custom Lace Front Wig? Live in Long Island and want a Lace Wig. Visit us, we are minutes away! Live in Westchester, and want a lace wig? We are 20 minutes away, and we do same day lace wig consultations and applications. Live in Philadelphia, and want a Lace Wig. We are close, come in on your off day. We are open 7 days a week, and have many clients in Philadelphia. Live in Manhattan and want a Full Lace Wig? You can drive or take the subway, we are that close. Manhattan is our biggest market for Full Lace Wigs. Visiting on Vacation? I have women from Europe and the Caribbean as I type this webpage.

When it comes to all types of Premium Lace Wigs, we are the ones to beat. We do not deal in low end lace wigs. Only the best in premium lace wigs. Come in for a free consultation. We are open 7 days a week. Come see our showroom, get a free consultation, and we will go over what is going to be the best options for you.

So, call today, and make your appointment for the best in Lace Front Wigs.


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