Invisible Hair

For clients looking for a brand name hair replacement solution, Patricia's Salon is proud to offer the Invisible Hair Brand. Invisible Hair is a trademarked hair replacement system that originates in California. They have many hair replacement brands for people with thinning hair, or people who suffer from medical hair loss or inherent hair loss.

People who wants Invisible Hair Extensions and Invisible Hair Replacement that is invisible to the eye and have many Invisible Techniques. I offer my own line of these products as you can see from my website. Many are used by celebrities and the very wealthy. But due to inquires about this firm product in my salon, I felt the need to offer these products as an option in my salon.

During your free consultation and hair analysis, I will go thru the differences and help you determine the right solution for you. My mission is to offer the broadest product line in the world, for you, the best customers that any salon could ever have.

Some of the highlights of this and my own lines are the following:

1.Can be Worn ANYWHERE on the Head
2.SMOOTH to the Touch
4.Virtually Seamless
5.NOT Detectable
6.Replica of Growing Hair
7.Hair is Re-usable
8.Competitively Priced
9.Sleep, Shower, Exercise, no Problem!
10.Full Head of hair applied in less than 3 hours
11.Extension Designed for Baby Fine and Fragile Hair
12.Quality 100% Human Hair
13.Can be Colored and Permed

PLEASE NOTE: For privacy purposes, photos for this procedure on my website will be limited as compared to my other techniques due to the fact the overall majority of my customers using this procedure want to keep their identity unknown.


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