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Patricia's Hair Salon, a salon that has operated for over 20 years, is famous for great customer hair service, great reviews, few complaints, and a great location. Patricia's Hair Salon Reviews number in the hundreds, and are the destination for females and males looking for a good menu of hair services. Patricia's Salon does not offer nail services. This is a common complaint of their service listings. Patricia's just doesn't have space for nails. Patricia's Hair Salon Astoria would rather use the space for private rooms, where clients can relax and watch TV in a very nice private atmosphere.

Patricia's Salon NYC as excellent make up artists. They do excellent Bridal Services. The Updo's are excellent. If you want a nice Up-do, check out Patricia's Salon NYC, as their reviews will tell you, the prices are very good. Manhattan salons tend to rip off, ripoff, complaint, cheat, steal, overprice their hair services. That is why many women would rather do their hair in the boroughs. In the boroughs, like Queens, NY, the claprices are better, the service is faster, and the people are more easy going.

Patricia's NYC Hair Salon is open 7 days a week. The hours are 10 to 7 Monday through Saturday, and 10 to 5 on Sundays. Parking can be a complaint if you make a late appointment, so if you are driving to avoid complaints, please book your appointment as early as possible. Patricia's Hair Extensions Salon uses meter parking, so if you drive, the meters in front of the salon last 2 hours at a time. The employees are more than glad to go to the parking meter for you as the time expires, so please do not worry about the parking. Patricia's Famous Hair Extensions Salon also as a longer term Municipal Parking area located one block away on each side of the hair salon.

Patricia's Famous Hair Salon can be reached also by train, where the "R" train will stop 1 1/2 blocks away, so the walk is very short. Patricia's Famous Hair Salon NY recommends an appointment, as the hair salon gets very busy, especially on the weekends, where they are booked up 1 week ahead of time. Patricia's Hair Salon Astoria looks forward to your visit.



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