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We are the premier female hair loss solutions salon, in the New York, NYC, NY area, offering the most female hair loss options, in our Astoria, Queens, NY posh hair salon. We have around 10 Female hair Loss options that are exclusive to ladies hair loss, plus many of our extensions options can be used in building fuller, and thicker hair, when in comes to thinning hair loss in women. No wonder so many women from Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester, Philadelphia, Pa, Boston, Ma, New Jersey, Connecticut, choose our salon, as the standard of female hair loss solutions.

Woman's hair loss happens very frequently. It can be something temporary or permanent. Temporary hair loss can be caused by many issues for women. It can be caused by pregnancy, menopause, thyroid issues, medication, cancer treatment, medical reasons, etc. Usually these reasons are temporary. Ladies hair loss can also be permanent. It can also be caused due to hereditary issues, or some of the various Alopecia issues. We will talk about the various Alopecia issues shortly. Temporary Female Hair Loss requires solutions until the new hair growth occurs. We have around 10 different hair replacement options for woman. We specialize in all hair types, blonde hair, brunettes, Yaki hair, ethnic hair, African American hair, etc. We will match your hair texture, your hair goals, and your hair needs.

NYC Hair Loss solutions for Women are the right hair loss solution for you in New York and we have 10 different hair Loss solutions to help with your hair loss from day one.  We are located in Astoria, Queens, NY in NYC, NY, New York. We are close to Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester, NJ, CT, Philadelphia, Boston, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, etc. You can take a train to us, the R or V to Steinway St, or drive from many different areas. We are close to get to from any area.

There are many different Alopecia types, Alopecia Areata, Androgenic Alopecia, Traction Alopecia, etc. I will touch on each of these issues in more details, on separate web pages on this site. Most are longer term hair loss issues that require us to take a long term view with women, in dealing with these ladies hair loss issues. We have many ways to cover your hair loss that are cost effective, and natural, and make it so that people do not notice you hair loss. When you visit our New York salon, we will take a look at you, your hair loss, and devise the best hair solution for your hair.

We offer a free hair analysis and consultation. We have private rooms for application and consultations. One solution does not fit all. That is why we offer multiple solutions for multiple female hair loss, while our competitors offer only a couple. Other salons usually charge at least double our prices, for inferior hair in salons in Manhattan, NJ, Long Island, and CT. Our woman's hair loss solutions are superior in technique and in hair quality. Come to the New York, NY, NYC leaders in quality female hair loss solutions and treatments, in our posh salon.


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