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We offer many types of hair extensions and hair loss options. We are a leading hair loss and hair extensions salon, in New York, NY, NYC. We are close to Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, NJ, and CT. We offer the Custom Hairsthetics line of hair replacement, which is a very in detail hair loss method, using hair netting, with fine dot like attachments. Best thing to do, is come in for a hair consultations, to go over this option, and the many more that are available for hair loss, and we help figure out, which one is going to be the best one for you.

We work on all hair types and ethnic backgrounds. We have hair extensions and hair replacement for European woman, Caucasian Women, Latina women, and African American woman.

We are the best in African American hair extensions types and textures, in our New York, NY salon in Queens, NYC.  African American hair extensions in our New York Salon, is very popular at our salon. I notice that many salons like to try to slap a weave on African American women, because that is the only type of hair extension that the salon knows. We at our salon do not like to think of weaves first, for African American woman. That technique is good for people who want to cover their hair, but there are so many techniques available for black woman, that are so much better.

For example, there are over a dozen different types of fusion hair extensions for African American woman, that work so well, in integrating beautiful hair, with the client's current hair. There are also reusable techniques, that can be reused, and hence lead to cost saving. These hair types are gorgeous, and blend in perfectly with African American women's hair.

The best thing to do is call us, and go over your hair extensions options. We will go over your options, and based upon goals and budget, help you find the best thing for you. We are the New York, NYC, NY leaders in hair extensions. People travel to us from NY, NJ, CT, Brooklyn, Bronx, Philadelphia, and Boston, and the world for a reason. That reason is that we are the best hair salon out there, period.

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