Extensions Specialists in the NY, NYC, New York area

Patricia Extensions Specialists in the NY, NYC and New York area will always fulfill the dream of people who wishes for lengthy and beautiful hairs. Most of the celebrities use hair extensions for their alluring and extra ordinary looks. Patricia Extensions Specialists in the NY, NYC, and New York area will provide you with all this facility. You can add the length of your hair or a beautiful streak of color in a salon.


Only thing is you have to find the best one among a large number of services which suits you. There are many reasons that Patricia Extensions Specialists in the NY, NYC, and New York area is the Best of the Best and offer over sixty Different types of Hair Extensions that are Natural hair extension, synthetic, clip in, and weaved, sealed fusion, bonding and many more hair extensions types. Patricia Extensions Specialists in the NY, NYC, New York area always offers you the opportunity of creating the look you have always wanted and your new hair will behave and feel exactly as your own so you can treat them in the exact same way.


Patricia full service hair extensions will have well trained Extensions Specialists in the NY, NYC and New York area who understand the emotional components of hair loss during chemotherapy and radiation. Extensions Specialists in the NY, NYC and New York area works very closely with the customers to ensure that all needs are met and they will make sure that every customer understands how to properly care for their brand new, beautiful head of hair, so that hopefully it lasts until your own hair grows back in. Patricia Extensions Specialists in the NY, NYC and New York area will not only increase the length, but also the thickness of the hair, giving a natural-looking, full head of hair. Application for hair services usually takes only a few hours.


Patricia Extensions Specialists in the NY, NYC and New York area provides all types of hair extensions like Fusion Hair Extensions, Great Lengths Hair Extensions, Great Lengths Cold Fusion Hair Extensions, Great Lengths Air Pressure, HairDreams Hair Extensions, Laser Hair Extensions, LuxHair Hair Extensions, SoCap Hair Extensions USA, SoCap Hair Extensions, Original SoCap Hair Extensions Europe, Custom Hair Extensions, and Mega Hair Extensions, Yaki Human Hair Extensions, Natural Human Hair Extensions, Curly Human Hair Extensions, Straight Human Hair Extensions, Long Human Hair Extensions, FL Hair Extensions, DreamCatchers Hair Extensions, HiarLocs Hair Extensions, RemyLinks Hair Extensions and much more.


The top Patricia full service hair extension salon is the World’s top hair extensions salon We have salons across the country located in New York, NY, NYC area and they do give service to the people they are from NY, NJ, CT, Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, Westchester, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island areas.

Hair Extensions for African American Hair


African American Hair Extensions can make you look like you have long, beautiful hair. They can also provide dramatic colors to otherwise dull looking hair. African American Hair Extensions are the best way for latest hair styles and there is a whole range of different types and methods of extensions. African American Hair Extensions can take you from short to long hair. It gives sufficient volume and instant highlights to your hair. Celebrities like Beyonce, Halley Berry, Alicia Keys and Brandy all look stunning with their hairstyles which they change constantly according to the fashion. Their secret is African American Hair Extensions and it’s now easier with salons like Patricia to get their styles.


African American Hair Extensions add flair to your own hair which is applied in neat rows by selecting very fine triangular sections of your hair. African American Hair Extensions is fused with your natural hair creating a natural bond. With these same technique small strands of extension hair are attached one by one to small sections of your own hair by either weaving in, gluing, heat fusing, clamping with metal tubes or using waxes and polymers.


African American Hair Extensions refer to the typical texture of Black African hair which remains a style statement even without being altered by flat irons or hot combs. Patricia’s African American Hair Extensions are natural and look unique with tiny spring like strands in the shape of corkscrew. This texture often referred to as bushy or woolly and appears to be denser than straight hair textures. As this African American Hair Extensions is quite coarse in texture, it also renders the hair to break often when combed or brushed. These hairstyles can be done for men and women. Afro hairstyles for men are quite famous with celebrities and also many people. Take a look at some great Afro hairstyles for men which you can follow if you like them.


African American Hair Extensions are generally based on weaves. Many black women get their hair pressed and chemically relaxed to straighten their hair. If this is repeated regularly, it will damage the hair very badly. Particularly Black hair is prone to damage as it is quite delicate and needs to be handle in a gentle manner. It is best to see a good stylist who can treat the damage and advice you how to get rid of your damaged hair.


African American Hair Extensions can be used to hide damaged hair until the real hair grows through again. One is that, as would be more expected, there seems to be a greater variety of such African American Hair Extensions for women that there are for men though the African-American men are not altogether bereft of outstanding hairstyles. Among the African American society, braids are popular with woman and even accepted among men who are in touch with their feminine side. The black hair is very easily workable into braids.


Patricia Hair Extensions Salons offer more than sixty different Hair Extensions and Hair Replacements types. We are the leading salon in providing all types of human hair extensions in a best way. We have the best African American hair extensions in our luxurious African American Hair Extensions Salons in New York City, NY, Manhattan, and Queens, New York. Our experts are experienced in handling all types of hairs. We provide you the best African American hair extension that suits your appearance.


Patricia’s African American Hair Extensions specialists are excellent in attaching the suitable style of extension on your own hair. Patricia Hair Extension Salons of NYC, New York in Astoria, Queens, NY, we do offer multiple hair weave methods at our posh New York hair salon. The four most popular hair weaves in our salon are Hair Tracks, Sew in Hair Weaves, Sew in Net Weave and Interlocking Weave. Interlocking Weave is our award winning hair weave, a very advanced method for doing a weave which is unique only to our hair salon in New York. We are experts in hair weaving, and specialize in many hair weave methods. We have African American Hair Extensions Salons in New York City, NY, Manhattan, and Queens, New York.

Hair Extensions Real Hair


Patricia’s Human Real Hair extensions Provides you thick and luxurious hair. Most of the women with short and thin hair use the real hair extension because this accessory makes their hair look thick, long and shiny. With Real Hair extensions you can spot different looks each and every time you step out of your house. You can try out different varieties that are available in great textures, colors and length hair extensions. The biggest advantage of using Patricia real hair extensions is that they are temporary in nature and that is why you can easily change your look according to the present fashion statement. You can use this accessory during special events like a dinner party, marriage and your prom night and wedding. Our salons serve the New York, NY, NYC, NJ, CT areas with clients from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, New Jersey, Connecticut, Westchester, Philadelphia, Boston, Staten Island, and Long Island.


Patricia famous real hair extension salon is expert in all type of real hair extension and also offer other great services such as custom wigs, eyelash tinting, real human replacement hair, curly hair products, spiral perms, relaxers, specialist supplies and they all vary in prices, so be sure to find the one that is most suitable for you and depending on what your requirements are, Patricia hair extensions in new York will make sure that we will give the best services that match up to the customers requirements.


Patricia hair extensions salon is a famous Human Real Hair Extensions Salon that concentrates only on Human Hair Extensions. All of our sixty Human Hair Extensions are all natural and real 100% Natural Remy Cuticle Human Hair Extensions. Our hair extensions specialists only use Human Hair, and that is why we are called Patricia Human Real Hair Extensions Salon, Long Island Human Hair Real Extensions Salon, Westchester Human Real Hair Extensions Salon, Manhattan Human Real Hair Extensions Salon, etc. Our Human real hair extension comes in different colors and shades. We have Yaki Human Real Hair Extensions, Natural Human Real Hair Extensions, Curly Human Real Hair Extensions, Straight Human Real Hair Extensions, Long Human Real Hair Extensions, FL Real Hair Extensions, DreamCatchers Real Hair Extensions, HiarLocs Real Hair Extensions, RemyLinks Real Hair Extensions and much more. We have done over 8000 Human Hair Extensions and Human Hair replacement types.


Real Hair extensions are considered to be more important for people who feel inferior about their own hair. People believe that their hair plays an important role in appearance. Hair extensions are part of the beauty. It enriches the beauty of a person. A long healthy, strong, shiny hair makes oneself feel good and proud. Patricia’s Human Hair extensions salon are there to wipe away your problems. Hair extensions introduce you to the new world of fashion that completely transforms your look.

Patricia’s Hair Extensions Salon Reviews

Patricia’s Famous Hair Extensions Salon is the only salon in the country that offers OVER 60 DIFFERENT HAIR EXTENSIONS TYPES!!!
Patricia’s Salon is the World’s Best Hair Extensions Salon, located in NYC, New York, in Astoria, Queens, NY.
Patricia’s Hair Extensions is close to get to from all areas close to the NYC, NY area.
Patricia’s Hair Salon has great reviews on various websites.

Few important service offered by them are as follows:-

  • Premium Hair Salon Service
  • Skin Care
  • Spa Facials
  • Hair Coloring
  • Hair Extensions
  • Hair Loss Solution
  • Bridal Hair Service
  • Eye Lashes

Come to Patricia’s Hair Salon for all of your hair needs. Patricia’s Salon NYC performs over 150 Hair Extensions and Hair Replacements each month. It offers a world class center for  female hair extension and hair replacement service, providing a huge 4000 SF location, with 8 hair extension and hair replacement pro’s. Patricia’s Hair Extensions NY is the only salon in the country that can perform same day hair extensions, and hair replacements.

Patricia’s Hair Extensions New York carries a huge inventory that allows us to do most hair colors and hair types.

Best Hairstylists in New York

Hairstylist (so called ‘hairdresser’) usually cuts hair in desired styles. Hairstylist gives tips to make your hair silkier, stronger and thicker. Hair extension makes your hair more stylish and brings in a magnificent look. It is the hairstylist, who has the power to turn an ordinary hair into a glowing and stylish hair. In recent times hair stylists specialize themselves in areas such as hair coloring and hair extensions.

Best hairstylist has the ability to create, develop and enhance their client’s personal appearance in creating or maintaining a hairstyle and with their training and expertise hair stylists become vital to customers. It is more important for the hair stylists to know how to properly create hairstyles that would let others know what status the wearer holds in the society. Just as there are many different types of hair styles, there are also various types of hair stylists. Patricia’s famous Hair salon has varieties of certified stylists.

We are the NYC, New York leaders in Best Hairstylists. If you are looking for the Best Hairstylists in NYC, New York, call us. We serve the NY, NJ, CT, Pa, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Westchester, Boston, Long Island and Philadelphia markets.  We offer free consultations to help you.

Call us 718-932-7777

Queens Hair Salon

If you live in the Queens, NY area, you have the top hair extensions salon in the world, that is located in your neighborhood. Patricia’s Salon, Queens, NY is a top hair salon that focuses on hair extensions and hair replacement. They offer over 60 different hair extensions types. They serve the Queens, NY area of Forest Hills, Bayside, Douglaston, Astoria, Flushing, LIC, Sunnyside, Woodside, Jamaica, Corona, Elmhurst, etc.

Patricia’s Salon of Astoria, Queens, NY serves the Tri-State Area. They offer all types of hair extensions, everything from Fusion Hair Extensions, Great Lengths Hair Extensions, Microlink Hair Extensions and all different types of hair weaves, lace front wigs, and female hair loss solutions. They offer free consultations, so call them for an appointment, and make a free consultation soon. They also do same day hair extension services. Patricia’s Hair Extensions Salon is the top hair extension and lace front wig salon that we offer same day hair extensions and lace wig applications for people who live anywhere.

There are many other places to go in Queens, New York for hair extensions, but none of them are good, qualified or professional. Patricia’s Hair Extensions Salon is the world leader, as they are hair extension masters for all of the different hair extension types they perform. You can always find the best hair extension type for your hair at Patricia’s Famous hair extensions salon in Astoria, Queens, NY.

They can be reached at

30-71 Steinway St

Astoria, Queens, NY



Astoria Hair Salon

We are located in Astoria, Queens, NY.  We are the best hair salon in Queens, the best in Astoria, the best in New York for that matter.  We perform all hair services, such as hair cuts, colors, highlights, lowlights, waxing, facials, eyelashes, makeup, bridal packages, and our world famous 60 Different Hair Extensions Types. If in Astoria, Queens, and you want the best in quality hair salon services, please visit Patricia’s Hair Salon of Astoria.  Astoria is an up and coming area, close to all.  Astoria is 10 minutes from Manhattan.  Astoria is close to CT and NJ.  Astoria is close to Brooklyn, the Bronx, and all areas of Queens.

We are close to Manhattan, Westchester, Long Island, CT, NJ.  Astoria is in the heart of Queens, and easy to get to.  When planning our salon, we chose Astoria, Queens, NY for a reason.  The reason is that Astoria is close to all the areas we wanted to service. When you are in Astoria, there are many shopping area also to go, so you will have plenty to do.

Patricia’s Astoria hair salon can be reached by train or by car.  Astoria is very easy to get to from the R or the V trains, to the Steinway ST stop in Astoria.  You can also take the BQE, GCP, or 59th st bridge to get to Astoria, NY.

Visit us for our pricing, and free consultations. Open 7 days a week in Astoria, Queens, NY

Call us at:


Brazilian Waxing Salon near Long Island

What to look for in a Brazilian Wax Salon?  There are many important thing in trying to find the best Brazilian Waxing Salon.  Putting wax down and pulling is not the wax to perform a correct Brazilian Waxing!  We studied the web, and found only one salon in the whole country that has the best Brazilian Waxing process.  That salon is Patricia’s  Brazilian Waxing Salon near Long Island, leader in painless Brazilian waxing.

Brazilian Hair Removal services are done in a private area, by a Brazilian girl who is trendy, and who knows how important it is to have your private parts look great. If you never had a Brazilian Wax, come try it.  It makes all the difference.  I guarantee you that your boyfriend or husband will love it.  You will throw that razor away! We are so close to all areas of Long Island.  Live in Nassau, LI?  Great Neck, Port Washington? Floral Park? Manhasset?  We are very close, and for $40 for first time clients, our Brazilian Waxing Salon is well worth the trip from Long Island.

What makes our so good?

  • Two great private wax rooms.
  • They have a Brazilian doing Brazilian Wax
  • They first numb the area, so you won’t feel pain.
  • Then Analyze your hair growth pattern, so we know the correct pull direct.
  • Use the most expensive wax on the market.  Quality products is the key.
  • Last they use anti irritation, anti ingrown hair creams and soothers, to make you feel great and stay great!

They are located in Astoria, Queens, NY, and serve the Great Neck, Islip, Nassau, Manhasset, Port Washington, North Shore areas.  We have many clients from LI, Long Island.

Call us at:


Patricia’s Salon NY

Patricia’s Salon NY – Patricia’s Hair Salon NY

When looking for best hair salon, the most important factor is trying to find the best hair extensions salon out there.  There are many hair extensions people on Craigslist for example that are not licensed or certified in hair extensions.  These types of hair extension place in New York should be avoided.  No need to go someplace where the people are not certified.  There are also places in New York where the salon says they do hair extensions, but when you want to see pictures of ACTUAL clients, they don’t have any! Never choose a hair extensions salon in New York that doesn’t have any before and after pictures.  A top New York hair extensions salon, should have hundreds of before and after pictures of actual clients. Patricia’s Salon has great reviews.  Patricia’s salon works hard to resolve any complaints and is dedicated to customer service.  Patricia’s Salon NY is close to all areas of NY.

The best hair salon in the world for hair extensions and hair replacements by far is Patricia’s Salon NY. Patricia’s Hair Salon is the world leader in fine service, offering over 60 different hair extensions types, and they are a full service hair salon.  Looking for a hair salon in the New York, NYC, NY area?  Patricia’s Hair Salon is a top rate hair salon.  They have the best reviews, and the best services out there. They have over 1000 actual client pictures on their websites.

So if you want the best hair service, come to Patricia’s Salon NY.  Patricia’s Salon is a full service hair salon.  Patricia’s Salon does services not found in other salons.

They are located at

30-71 Steinway St

Astoria, NY, NYC

New York, NY, NYC

Call us at:


Best Blowouts in New York

Looking for a salon that is experts in hair blowouts?  Wash, Sets, Hair Blowdry’s? Come to Patricia’s Famous Hair Salon, we do the best blow drys, blowouts, hair styling that is found in the New York, NYC area.  We are the New York leaders in wash and set, hair blow-dry, or hair blowouts.  That is why people travel to us from Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester, NJ, CT, Forest hills, Bayside, Whitestone, Flushing, LIC, Queens.  We take our time, and do not do a rush job. We are also experts with hair extensions and lace wigs, so nobody knows how to handle Blow-Drys, Blowouts, Wash and Sets, like our top posh hair salon.

We have people who only have us wash and dry their hair.  They come every few days.  A good blow-dry, blowout, should last a few days, and it should stay the same.  That is why we have so many repeat customers for BlowDrys, Blowouts, Wash and Sets in our posh NYC, NY salon, located in Astoria, Queens, NY.

Wash and set is a very important part of the hair process. Knowing how to do blowouts, blow-dry on hair extensions and lace wigs, especially takes time.  You have to know what you are doing; otherwise you can ruin the hair.  We are experts in untangling hair, working on thinning hair, hair loss, etc.  We are gentle yet firm for these wash and dry, blow outs, or wash and sets.

Come try our wash and set, blowouts, blow dry services.  We charge $35 on average for these services.

We are located in Astoria, Queens, NY

Call us at: