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We are pleased to offer ALL of the Balmain Hair Extensions Systems in our New York, NY salon, located in Astoria, Queens, NY. Balmain Hair Extensions is one of Europe's leading hair extensions systems. We offer the full range of Balmain Hair Extensions, everything from Balmain clip In Extensions, Balmain Fusion Extensions, and most importantly, the brand new Flux Fusion Hair Extensions Type! No wonder we have clients from all over the New York, NY, NJ, CT, Philadelphia, Boston, Manhattan, Long Island, Westchester, Queens areas make us their top hair extensions salon!

We offer the following Balmain Hair Extensions:

Balmain Double Hair Color

Balmain Double Hair Lite

Balmain Double Hair Strip

Balmain Fill In Extensions

Balmain Systeme Volume

Balmain is a Europe Fashion powerhouse, and a top hair extension brand in Europe. What brought Balmain to our attention, was a wonderful, multi-strand, Flux Fusion Hair Extension type that is so creative, so clever, that we had to offer this exiting brand. In short, the Process allows for the adding of 5 hair extension types, at one time, using a Flux fusion System. It works by drawing the polymers in the fusion process “through the hair”. The patented process is safe, creative, and another wonderful fusion extension technique, to add to our growing and formidable stable of top of the line fusion hair extension types.

We do all of the latest and cutting edge Balmain Hair Extension Types in our posh Hair Salon. Having the opportunity to be first in offering this technology, was too good to pass on. As the Worlds leader in hair extensions, we know that every salon as always will copy us, because that is what other salons that are not creative do. It is what happens when you are a world leader in hair extensions. We now offer over 5 different Balmain hair Extension Types!

Best thing to do is come in and go over the various Balmain Hair Extension types, along with our 70 + different hair extensions options. We will find what is going to be the best for you, depending on your hair type and hair texture type.

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