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I went to the International Beauty Show and came across a very interesting and unique hair extension method called FLhair Xtensions. I fell in love with it for its uniqueness, easy of use, price points, and knowing that this extension fills a niche in the product portfolio.

We offer multiple Micro Hair Extensions Techniques at our top extensions salon including Flhair extensions. The system uses a unique loop and ring system, which basically allows you to push the hair through a disposable loop, and tighten using a small fastener, and tightens nicely on your hair. It removes very quickly, and I feel this is ideal for a person looking to add a quick amount of body to your hair at an affordable price.

One can do a full head hair extension with this method. My recommendation is to use this as a quick, hair body add, for people on the go, and whose budget is limited. This product helps fill in my popular priced portfolio.

The best thing to do is come in for a Free Hair Analysis and Consultation, where I can go thru all of your hair extensions options, and help determine if FLhair is right for you.





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