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Hair Extension NYC is the choice when it comes to the Best in New York Hair Extensions. Our hair extensions choices is extensive, and we are the first choice for women who are looking for a hair extensions salon that specializes in only Human Hair Extensions. Hair Extension NYC has Huge staff of Hair Extensions Artists, and has done more extensions that all other salons combined.

We are the hair extensions specialists in NYC. Our NYC hair salon does over 100 + extension types if you count like other salons. No other hair extensions salons in NYC can match our skill, expertise, reputation, and experience. The extensions found in our NYC extensions salon are not found in other salon. That is right, our extensions are unique, created by our skilled craftswomen from years of research. Our NYC hair extensions are 100% Premium Real Extensions made from the best of human hair found from all countries around the world. Visit our NYC salon and see for yourself why we are the best hair extensions salons in NYC! Remy NYC Hair extensions, Virgin Hair Extensions, we are the NYC hair extensions specialists. Our salon is close to all areas of the greater NYC, NY, New York City areas.

When it comes to finding a NY hair extensions salon, there are many places to go to. Why go to us? Because we specialize in Blonde Hair Extensions, Brown hair extensions, Black hair extensions, and Yaki Hair extensions. Our staff is second to none in handling all hair conditions. We only deal only in Human Hair Extensions. We don not carry anything other than 100% Human Hair Extensions. Hair Extensions can be used for hair loss, alopecia, trich, add length, add volume, weddings, prom's and more. We are a one stop shop to make your hair look perfect. Adding hair extensions for volume or extensions for length is our specialty. If you want a specialist in extensions, and that is located in the NYC, NY, NJ, Manhattan, CT, Westchester, LI areas, we are the hair salon for you.

Many hair salons do not specialize in hair extensions. We do! We are a hair salon that is great in many types of hair services, but hair extensions is our specialty. Whether you want to have hair extensions for short hair, hair extensions for length, or extensions for volume, Hair Extension NY can help, set up a free consult, and we will give you the look that you want.

We are a full service NYC hair salon. We have over 30 Licensed Cosmetologists and almost a dozen that are experts in the field of Hair Extensions and Hair Replacement. We offer same day consultations and hair extensions in our plush NYC salon. We have many visitors to the NYC area, and many people that travel to us for the day, just for our hair extensions and ladies hair replacement. We have people who visit us from Europe while on holiday here in the USA.  We are minutes from Manhattan.

We offer the most Different Hair Extensions, and Hair Replacement Types. Why so many different types of hair extensions? Because we know that people have different budgets, different hair, different types of looks they want, different duration periods for their hair extension. So it this case, on size does not fit all. Hence, we need to offer different solutions for our clients. When you come in for a free consultation, we match your hair type to your hair goal and budget.  You can then do it right after.

We do Custom Lace Front Wigs, Full Lace Wigs, Partial Lace Wigs, Yaki Hair Lace Wigs, Baby hair Lace Wigs, and more. We have a beautiful Lace Front Wigs Salon, with a full selection of gorgeous lace front wigs, in our posh NYC, New York, NY hair salon. See our lace front wig button for more information on lace front wigs. We are Lace Wigs leaders, see our Lace Wigs Section.

We are a NYC, NY Full Service Hair Salon. We do Bridal hair, Eyelashes Extensions, Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening, Thermal Hair Straightening, hair cuts, blow dries, hair colors, hair highlights, and more. No wonder people from Long Island, LI, Manhattan, Westchester, NJ, and CT visit us for their hair needs on a regular basis!

We focus on the NYC, New York Hair extensions area, and are known for our Long Island Hair Extensions, Westchester Hair Extensions, Manhattan Hair Extensions, Brooklyn Hair Extensions, Bronx Hair Extensions, NJ Hair Extensions, CT hair extensions, Boston hair extensions, Nassau Hair Extensions and much more.

When you do a Google search for New York hair extensions, or NY hair extensions, or hair extensions salons in New York City, many sites show up. Why choose our site? It is the expertise in knowing you are in the best location for extensions, that we are hair extension experts, and the type of hair extensions found in our salon, can not be found anywhere. We do hair extensions for all hair types, we do hair extensions for short hair, hair extensions for thin hair, hair extensions for thinning hair and for hair loss. Our Full Lace Wigs are the best in New York, and we have a separate Full Lace Wigs Showroom for you to see our options.

Come in for a free consultation and hair analysis. We will go over your hair options, and find the best hair extension or hair replacement type for you.

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